Life at Datascribe

A great working environment is a heady mixture that induces people to work with all their passion. It keeps them performing even in your absence, inspires to achieve bigger without the need to push, contributes to your brand taking little in return. Developing a good work environment involves working on streamlining the organizational structure, internal communication, core process, and work space as well as recognizing the talent.

Hierarchy redefined

Hierarchies define how company processes work, and how people connect with each other. At Datascribe if you are good at something you become the consultant of that task, leading and guiding the team. In other words, it is a slight twist to the perfect model practiced in general. A performer is always recognized.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

Leadership is not about making people work, but about leading people with an example. We do have one to keep things in order – leadership, engineering and implementation teams. Irrespective of what you do, ability to take challenges and innovate takes you ahead at Datascribe.

Eliminating bottlenecks and bridging gaps

Hierarchical levels need not create communication bottlenecks, draining the energy and enthusiasm out of people at work. Learning from the experts, getting tips on eliminating bugs, or sharing own ideas on solving problems should keep you tuned for the future. We take care to bridge the gap and break away communication barriers with an open mindset, and let the ideas flow freely.

Innovation at work

Innovation keeps one ahead of the crowd, and drives individuals to think outside the box and find feasible solutions for impossibilities. We are always on a mission to find solutions that are a perfect blend of what really works for clients, what technology can do, and what trends in the market.

Passion to excel

Isn’t it true, without the passion to overcome impossibilities the world would have been a dull place? We love experimenting with code to devise newer things and impressions in our products and solutions. Our passion holds us from reveling in the past achievements and leads us to work on achieving new milestones and creating waves in the industry.

Striking work-life balance

Looking at the other side of work and talent, employees are also the social beings walking on a tight rope of professional and personal commitments. People need friendly work environments to settle and unleash their true potential. We believe in better management-employee interaction, conflict-free, positive work environment, gender equality, room for personalization, and flexible work timings are some of the cues to create great work spaces.

Recognizing talents

People spend more years working than taking care of personal lives, and there’s no reason why they should not explore their talents and make a difference to their lives. Allowing individuals to identify their true potential and create a niche in related fields, and recognizing their achievements is essential. We believe, a great work environment along with best compensation in the market for a performer should attract the right talent.

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