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Datascribe Technologies Inc. began its journey in 1999, operating from Charlotte, NC, and it has been providing various Healthcare & IT Services in USA, Canada & India for the past two decades.

We have expertise in Healthcare & Legal Support Services and our passion for quality and consistency has earned us the trust of our clients, and we have been listed as one of the top companies providing Legal Support Services in Charlotte NC, USA. We also have expertise in website & mobile application development, and digital marketing.

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Medical Transcription
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Healthcare Solutions

Datascribe Technologies Inc. began its journey in 1999, operating from Charlotte, NC providing medical transcription services. Our passion for quality and consistency quickly earned the trust of clients, and increased the demand for our services across the world. Raising demands for legal and business transcription services made us extend our services and establish centers in the USA, Canada, and India.

With customized solutions for transcription, we work with our customers to provide end-to-end solutions to improve their workflow, while maintaining the highest quality standards and at competitive rates in Canada & USA. Call us today at 1-888-202-9717 Ext 101 or Fill out the below "Request for a Quote" form and we will be glad to offer you a competitive quote and a timeframe for your business needs.
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Legal Support Services

Datascribe is one of the leading Alternative Legal Services providers in the industry, delivering legal, shared and advisory services from secure centers in Bangalore, India, to top law firms and corporations in the US and Canada. Since 2005, we’ve been successfully providing onsite/onshore and offshore services for our clients across USA, Canada, and India. We’re committed to rendering quality services to our clients. Our processes are driven by a quantitative and process driven approach, ensuring quality work without losing focus on quantity and time.

At Datascribe, we care about your interests and ambitions by offering high-quality legal services at competitive prices. Over the past few years we’ve joined forces with some of the top legal firms and corporations based in the United States.
Legal Support
Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing & Web Development

In the year 1999, a quest to deliver best digital experience started a great journey in Charlotte, NC under the name Datascribe Technologies Inc. And that quest led our travel around the world and made us establish our branches in USA, Canada, and India striving continuously to deliver best services to bring more smiles. We started our operations providing Website Design and Development; E-Commerce; and Digital Marketing Solutions; Software Services on multiple domains with expertise in Java, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla....

We are rated as a top digital marketing companies in india which enhances website position in search engines and meet the client requirements.
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