Medical Opinions Services

Special Reports

Datascribe can help you chalk out a defined special medical opinion report based on valid reasoning and inferences in a questionnaire format or any other you might require. The special reports are presented along with complimenting references from standard medical literature.

Life Expectancy Summaries

Life expectancy reports have become a frequent bone of contention in litigation and other allied applications, owing to the advancement in medical science. DSMAG provides its clients with top notch life expectancy.

Second Opinion Review

Datascribe provides its clients with world-class and authentic second opinion letters/reviews which is a major constituent of the physician credentialing procedure. We enable clear, concise and confidential second opinion reviews.

Medical Expert Opinion

The significance of Medical Expert Opinion in modern litigation practices is unrivaled owing to it being crucial in the discussions of medical-legal cases. The highly qualified and expert medical professionals at DSMAG helps you with accurate and detailed opinions to validate your cases.

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