Medical Record Summaries

Short Medical Summaries

The most important and time-saving element of a long document is its summary. DSMAG are pioneers in condensing and presenting a redacted, accurate and short medical summary to its clients which helps in informed decision making.

Medical Narrative Letter

DSMAG prepares a concise running digest of the patient’s medical profile history in a narrative letter format including, but not limited to, procedures, visits, consultations, germane medical records and bills, etc., in a sorted and indexed format.

Pre-screening of Medical Malpractice Case

Frivolous complaints are a huge predicament on a client’s resources. DSMAG helps you substantially reduce such frivolous cases by preparing a pre-screening of medical malpractice cases with the help of our panel of legal and medical experts.

Organization/ Summarization of Medical Records

Dealing with thousands of medical records daily can be nerve-wracking. DSMAG comes to the rescue, by helping you focus on relevant records that are systematically organized as per your organizational needs. To assist you further, we summarize the focus material for a quick review.

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