Revenue Cycle Management

Enrollment and Credentialing

A common payer is essential for the physician and the patient to ensure a smooth payment. Therefore, physicians must enroll themselves in the same plan as the patient is enrolled in. DSMAG supports its clients in enrollment and credentialization, with ease and in a time-bound manner with a significant payer network.

Eligibility and Benefits Verification

We help corroborate a patient’s eligibility and benefits claim before he/she visits the physician’s office. This can clear the revenue block, which most firms face when most of the claims end up getting denied. It will help in reducing the overall operational cost you would have incurred on such a patient. So, just sit back and focus on your expertise, let DSMAG do the labor for you.

Demographics and Charge Entry

Demographics and charge entry might be underrated, but an accurate capture of both of these can save you millions of dollars in the revenue cycle. We provide a basket of revenue cycle management services which starts the moment an appointment is booked by the patient, which works in sync to improve your revenues and reduce leakages.

Medical Coding

The universally established process of giving alphanumeric codes to the healthcare services rendered like diagnosis, procedures, services, and equipment provided, etc., is termed as medical coding. DSMAG helps in medical coding by the provision of medical information from the available documentation like physician’s notes, laboratory reports etc., which can enable you to make a rational decision.

Payment Posting

DSMAG helps you in receiving your hard-earned remittances with high precision and enhanced responsiveness, as per the procedures defined by you. A smooth payment posting process reflects on the power of your revenue cycle, making it vital for you to choose a highly trained team to perform the task – making DSMAG a perfect fit here.

Denial Management and Appeals

Various constituents within a revenue cycle results in claim denials. Although denials are unique and case-specific, they are also dependent largely on practice and facility. DSMAG provides powerful services to its clients in dealing with claim denials and reducing their root cause.


Organizations around the world are trying to perfect their revenue cycle by increasing the efficiency of the revenue channels and reducing the revenue cycle leakages and inefficiencies. DSMAG can aid you in this, by supplying you with sturdy analytics and detailed reporting mechanisms. We also help you review your revenue cycle periodically to maintain the effectiveness of such practices.


DSMAG helps you analyze the denial grounds and prepare appeal letters. This proves beneficial in reducing the workload, of which a huge chunk is filled with an analyzing and filing appeals.

Accounts Receivable Management

Persistent account receivable management prevents overdue payment or non-payments from the customers. It is imperative to keep a close check on receivables to maintain liquidity and an efficient revenue cycle. We help you keep track of account receivables and manage them.

Financial Management Reporting

We help you produce a standard and effective report on expenditure and income for your organization to help you get a clear picture of the financial management practices you undertake.

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